Happiness is a Place

Bhutan is rightly known to the world today as the Last Shangri-La. This country of rolling hills and towering crags certainly exudes charm. The mountains are magnificent, the forests are dense, the people are delightful, the air is pure, the architecture inspiring, the religion exciting and the art superb. Like timeless images from the past, the traveller encounters the full glory of this ancient land through its strategic fortresses known as Dzongs, numerous ancient temples, monasteries and stupas which dot the countryside, prayer flags which flutter along the high ridges, wild animals which abound in dense forests, foamy white waterfalls which are the ethereal showers, and the warm smile of its friendly people. With its beautiful and largely unspoiled Himalayan setting, its rich flora and fauna and its vibrant Buddhist culture, Bhutan has become an increasingly popular destination for international tourists.

This trail will take you through important sites like

Thimphu - the capital city of Bhutan and is known for its spectacular scenery and rich culture. It is also the largest city in the country. The spectacular 15th century Tango Gompa is also the most sought-after site in all of Bhutan.

Paro - famous for the iconic Takhtsang Lakhang (also known as the Tiger's Nest), situated at the northern end of the valley. It is also home to the National Museum, which displays hundreds of ancient Bhutanese artefacts and artwork.

Punakha - famous for its amazing 17th-century fortress, its unique techniques for growing rice as well its beautiful architecture. Punakha is situated at the juncture of two beautiful rivers the Pho and Mo Chhu rivers which makes this place look even more majestic.

Bumthang - one of the most historic districts in Bhutan with many sacred sites and monasteries. It was here that Guru Rinpoche cured a local king from a spirit induced ailment in the 8th century CE. This resulted in the king, and finally the whole country, embraced Buddhism.

Haa Valley - Known as the smallest Dzongkhang (district) of Bhutan, Haa Valley is one of the most picturesque places located at the south-west of Paro.

Festivals -Festivals in Bhutan are known for their richness, vibrancy, and happiness. Attending a festival in Bhutan, is an experience like no other. Most of these festivals are dedicated to Guru Rimpoche – the saint who introduced Bhutan to Buddhism in the early 8th Century. The mystical dances, engaging performances, brave fire events, mysterious masked dances, enlightening recreation. Thimphu Tsechu Festival, Paro Tshechu Festival, Haa Summer Festival, Wangdue Phodrang Tshechu Festival, are few important festivals.

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